Nutrition anytime.
Compliance all the time.

The story of how a little girl grows up with her Infinity pump.

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Award-winning design

Recognized for its innovative technology and small size, the Infinity® Enteral Feeding Pump received the Medical Design Excellence Award and the Seal of Acceptance from the Children's Health Corporation of America.

The first and only 100% mobile enteral feeding pump

Other enteral pump systems can’t achieve complete air evacuation from the bag set, which limits their ability to function in any orientation and impacts full mobility. The Infinity is the only US enteral feeding pump that can evacuate ALL the air from the pump set, so the pump and set can operate in literally any position. With the Infinity pump there’s no need to worry about air bubbles triggering annoying air alarms – or limiting mobility.

At home, at play, or on the go, the 100% mobile Infinity enteral feeding pump supports the freedom to live life more fully!

  • Light weight
  • Small size
  • Operates in any orientation
  • 24 hour battery life
  • Programmable, accurate dosing

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Active 2 year old thrives with the Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump

Compliance to a feeding schedule was difficult for this toddler. See how changing to the Infinity Pump resulted in feeding schedule compliance and growth at a steady rate.

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